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A Change In Plans

Analysis of the project fundraising vs the original plan and the increased costs and uncertainties with respect to the Pavilion Build lead us to conclude that the original idea is not going to fly at this time. We are therefore proposing:

To terminate the project to build a physical Morrisburg Model Village. 


Inform all donors and return all donations already made and release all commitments of future $ and in-kind donations. Withdraw all currently outstanding sponsor applications.

Transfer efforts to creating a proposed Virtual Morrisburg Model Village (at no cost to the community and without the requirement for donations or sponsorships).

Propose to the MWFC that the plan re: The Waterfront Sign with Then & Now Map should continue with a target to unveil on 1 July, 2018 on the Inundation Day 60th Anniversary. John Gleed will donate funds to the MWFC to cover the costs.

At some point in the future the Municipality of South Dundas (or some other local organization) may decide to investigate the feasibility of creating the physical version of the Morrisburg Model Village because of its potential benefits as a Tourist Attraction with excellent potential commercial benefits of increasing visitors to the area.

In this case all the research and development we have done (and will be doing for the Virtual MMV) can be applied to give the project a major jump start.

As a result of this decision to change plans, I have sent the following message to the Morrisburg Waterfront Committee.


Message From John Gleed to the Morrisburg Waterfront Committee - 12 February, 2018

I have recently been away for a couple of weeks of quiet vacation that allowed me the time and space to take a detailed look at the proposed Morrisburg Model Village Project.  On careful analysis there are three major challenges - funding shortfalls, lack of construction engineering know-how and my lack of capacity to take on all the responsibilities I now see as necessary to complete the project successfully. 

On the funding side we have submitted 20 applications to organizations outside of South Dundas and have not had much success (only $10,000 vs plan for over $100,000). Within South Dundas, our ever-generous local organizations - Lion's Club, Legion, Cruickshank - have given generously, along with several individuals.  We are still at only 31% of our current estimate of the required funding ($220,000).

With respect to the construction engineering know-how, building the Pavilion represents about 80% of the estimated building costs and is the project's area of greatest risk and uncertainty. We do not have volunteers on board with the experience, capability or capacity to properly design, manage and carry out this critical part of the project. With the benefit of understanding acquired over many conversations with experts, it was an oversight not to build in funded construction management capability.


I have been in business long enough to know that sometimes good ideas are not in sync with funding opportunities and availability of the required expertise. Underfunded Community/Volunteer projects bring this to a much higher degree of difficulty and risk of failure. So, while I still love the idea, I am practical by nature and have concluded that the plan for the physical model village along the waterfront path is not feasible at this time.

I will immediately follow-up on withdrawing outstanding applications to the Township and other organizations and will be communicating with all involved.  All funding will be returned to donors to be available for other community projects.

I propose that the MWFC complete the proposed Waterfront Sign displaying the Then and Now Map, and I will personally provide the funding for this.

Never one to give up easily, I am looking at taking the idea for the Physical Model Village and creating a computer based Virtual Model Village online at the Morrisburg Model Village Website. I have the expertise (and a good start on the information and photos) to do this myself, and there would be no requirement for fundraising or sponsorships.  It would be accessible to everyone on PCs and mobile devices at no cost. The possibilities are unlimited for information, stories, photos, street virtual tours, detailed pictures of specific buildings and homes, both flooded and untouched.

A big thank you to the MMV project team, the supporters and advisors. Your willingness to get involved when approached is really appreciated and it has been a great experience for me.

Yours truly, John Gleed.


We will be updating this website over the next little while -  as it develops to become the host for our proposed Virtual Morrisburg Village.


Ontario Hydro 1954 Map Overlaid with 2017 Google Earth Satellite Image