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MMV Models - A work in progress

Ready made building, cars & trees models (HO scale) - purchased online from

The building is very similar to several of the Old Morrisburg Main Street buildings - we will customize as required.

Building model (HO scale) - purchased as a kit online from

The kit was built and painted by Margi Laurin - it will be able to be customized to fit into our MMV.

Model of 25 Lakeshore Drive - constructed from scratch to the correct scale by Steve Skerry from 1/8" Maisonite and painted (work in progress) by Margi Laurin

The Completed Model for 25 Lakeshore - Thank you Margi & Steve - Awesome!

Ship Model Example - wrong size and wrong scale for us but .......

The TECUMSEH was the last ship to go through Lock 23.

Here is a colour picture.

A Ron Beaupres friend is creating a custom HO scale model of the TECUMSEH for the MMV - it will be about 3 feet long.