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12 February, 2018 - I have recently been away for a couple of weeks of quiet vacation that allowed me the time and space to take a detailed look at the proposed Morrisburg Model Village Project.  On careful analysis there were three major challenges - funding shortfalls, lack of construction engineering know-how and lack of capacity to take on all the responsibilities necessary to complete the project successfully.

I still propose that the MWFC complete the Waterfront Sign displaying the Then and Now Map, and I will personally provide the funding for this.

Never one to give up easily, I am looking at taking the idea for the Physical Model Village and creating a computer based Virtual Model Village online on this Morrisburg Model Village Website. I have the expertise (and a good start on the information and photos) to do this myself, and there would be no requirement for fundraising or sponsorships.  It would be accessible on PCs and mobile devices at no cost. The possibilities are unlimited for photos, street virtual tours, detailed pictures of specific buildings and homes, both flooded and untouched.